1875 Commonwealth Ave

1875 Commonwealth Avenue is presently a condominium complex that was built in 1914 in the Brighton, MA neighborhood.  ESI had to complete multiple tasks in order to maintain and improve the buildings integrity. These procedures consisted of:

  • Removing three portico limestone beams that were cracked and lost their structural integrity.
  • Fabricate new portico limestones and install them back to their original position.
  • Clean all existing limestone.
  • Install firestone EPDM roof membrane to entire portico roof to eliminate leaks in the roof.
  • Replace existing sheetrock ceiling with Dens Glas and apply a base coat, nylon mesh, and a plaster top coat to match the existing textured ceiling.
  • Cut and point all cracked and deteriorated masonry mortar joints throughout the limestone portico.
  • Patch cracked and spalled limestone units.
  • Repair and patch decorative limestone column capitals to replicate the original designs.
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