2021-2022 Projects Gallery

Scope Of Our Latest Waterproofing and Masonry Work


Commercial Building 300 Crown Colony, Quincy

This commercial building was experiencing water staining in the ceilings and walls in their commercial spaces. After performing a water test and inspections on the building ESI concluded that the window lintels lacked proper flashing and end dams. Flashing masonry openings are the primary defenses of a wall system to channel the exit of the moisture. In portions of the wall that do not contain openings, this water will stay in the masonry and be absorbed by the masonry materials of the wall system until it evaporates. At windows, however, the masonry wall is interrupted. Water travelling down within the wall will flow into the interior or onto the head of the window. This can cause interior leakage and damage. Installing a flashing system that extends from the backup wall to the exterior Wythe will help prevent this from happening.

commercial building in boston

Building on Vernon Street in Boston 

70-72 Mount Vernon is a rare Italianate brownstone building set on Beacon Hill. ESI was contracted to performed extensive restoration repairs to the courtyard of the property. The proposed envelope repair project included historic masonry restoration such as replacing damaged brick, patching and replacing damaged limestone and brownstone, balcony and fire escape repairs, and exterior elastomeric coating of the courtyard masonry walls. 

65 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA

The building at 65 Harrison Avenue is an eleven-story high-rise constructed in 1911.  It is the cornerstone of Harrison Avenue in China Town. The building is constructed of limestone masonry façade at the first and second floors, supporting a buff-colored brick masonry façade on the upper floors. Panels of brick masonry with terra cotta header and sill details separate the windows at each floor. The north and east elevations displayed heavy deterioration.  ESI worked with partnering structural engineers to bring this building back to sound and safe conditions. The scope of work included cutting and pointing 100% of the masonry mortar joints, removing and replacing window perimeter sealants, replicating the ornate stone headers, sills, and water table, and sealing joints between dissimilar materials throughout the facade. The terracotta header and sill stones were severely cracked and spalled in many locations due to the expansion and contraction of the structural I beams within the inner wyths of the facade. In order to restore the terracotta stones to their original profile, ESI used a cast molding technique to reproduce and replicate the exact stones to match the buildings originality. This movement also caused numerous cracks throughout the brick. ESI toothed out and replaced the cracked brick masonry units. ESI brought the buildings visual integrity back to life while keeping a safe work environment for the City.

Boston masonry work


Mother Brook Condominium, 3 South Stone Mill Drive, Dedham, MA

The Mother Brook Condominium complex is a historic, 19th century granite mill building located on the Mother Brook Mill Pond that was converted to condominiums in 1987. The condominiums were constructed on stone foundations, with a stream running throughout the condominium complex. Façade improvements were necessary to maintain the historical integrity of the property, while addressing a myriad of waterproofing concerns. The majority of the project required ESI to prevent water from penetrating through the elevated common area deck and into the parking garage below. The project consisted of 1.) Demolition of the 2” concrete topping slab 2.) Demolition of two concrete stairways.   The elevated slab was waterproofed with a neoprene membrane, appropriate flashings, masonry wall repairs, CMU structural steel replacement, and newly installed plaza drains.  The waterproofed deck was protected with new pre-cast concrete pavers on pedestals to provide a wearing surface for the residents. After the project was completed, the condominium owners were pleased with the results.  We provided them with a visually pleasing plaza deck using multi-colored pavers, which allowed water to pass between the pavers into the new drainage system. 

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