348 Beacon Street

348 Beacon Street is a condominium complex located in the Back Bay area of Boston that runs adjacent to Storrow Drive, overlooking the Charles River. ESI concentrated on repairing four chimneys where the masonry began to fail. The EPDM roof membrane had been pulled away from the termination bar due to age and shrinkage of the roof membrane. In addition, we restored the buildings authenticity. ESI had to complete the following tasks.

  • Repoint all masonry mortar joints on the chimneys and façade to create a water tight masonry wall.
  • Remove the area of EMPDM roofing membrane and install a new piece of membrane, properly seal the roof and terminate all edges of the membrane to eliminate water penetration.
  • Remove and replace window and door perimeter sealants to prevent leaks.
  • Scrape, prime, and apply two coats of latex paint to the historic brick molding to waterproof the window perimeter.
  • Clean the front façade as per Back Bay Architectural Commission Guidelines.
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