Masonry Repair in Allston, MA

Allston, MA is a popular neighborhood in Boston that is commonly known for its rows or brick apartment buildings. Allston, MA is home to about 30,000 Massachusetts residents, including many current college students and college graduates. Allston, MA is mainly comprised of many apartment buildings and commercial properties. The brick buildings line Commonwealth Ave side by side, representing a historical part of the city of Boston. With an abundance of older buildings, ESI Waterproofing & Masonry Restoration is proud to offer our masonry contractor services to businesses and apartment owners in Allston to keep these buildings in pristine condition.  We specialize but are not limited to, brick repair, brick replacement, and graffiti removal.

Waterproofing & Building Restoration in Allston

In all of our years, Allston, MA is one of the towns we have helped the most. Allston, MA is only about a 20-minute drive through Boston from our location in Dorchester.  In our thirty-plus years of service, we have worked on past projects  all over the greater Boston area so we are experts in masonry & building repair services that will stand up to the New England weather! We can also do waterproofing and deck coating of parking garages and lots to protect them from the weather conditions, and wear and tear of vehicles.

Do I Need Waterproofing In Allston, MA?

Having a water-resistant home is essential in Massachusetts. It is recommended that you have your property waterproofed every ten years. If you have not had your home waterproofed in the last 10 years or it has been many years since your last waterproofing, it is best to do it now before Winter commences. Waterproofing can save your valuable property from stress and damage. With waterproofing, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Do I Need Masonry Restoration in Allston, MA?

Ignoring the fact your building needs masonry restoration or repair is not a good idea. The sooner you get out in front of it, the more money and damage you can save. Your building’s bricks will tell you they need to be fixed when they show signs of decay, missing mortar, or cracked bricks. Act as soon as possible when you see the trouble signs.

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