Benefits Of Commercial Building Using Stucco

Over the years, Stucco has proven to be one of the most versatile, enduring and weather-resistant wall finishes out there. Because of the vast variety of colors and textures, this finish offers, it remains one of the most popular wall systems. You can apply stucco over wood frame walls or concrete walls, both methods just have a different application process. Here are five reasons why you should have professional stucco work for your commercial wall.

Stucco Wall Finish Can Stand The Test Of Time

If you’re looking for a wall finish that will retain its original, vibrant look come rain or shine then stucco’s your guy. It has proven itself to be durable and can last up to a whopping 50 years. it doesn’t fade or yellow over time like other finishes. It’s been around for centuries, one of the oldest building materials that date back to ancient Greece.

Offers Resistance Against Inclement Weather

Stucco is applied in 3 layers over a wall, the scratch coat, the brand coat and the finish coat, each layer offers its level of protection. Traditional stucco is less likely to absorb water and is more damage resistant, the material is fire and insect-resistant and also cost-effective when compared to other wall finishes. With stucco, you’re guaranteed value for your money.

Stucco is Aesthetically Appealing

This wall finish is available in a variety of color coats and textures. It comes in a paste-like form so when it’s being applied it can be made into various patterns and styles. A huge pro is that it also provides better insulation from heat and noise and is energy efficient when compared to other wall finishes.

Manageable maintenance

This finish is durable and resistant to the point it truly does not require significant maintenance efforts. You don’t have to worry about repainting every couple of years, or cracks appearing from water damage. Stucco should be cleaned at least once a year. It is made up of porous materials that absorb dirt and dust over time. You can plan to have your stucco wall repainted every 7-10 years. To clean stucco in specific locations, use a soft bristle brush and cleaning solution. To clean the entire surface, contact a professional, you don’t want to damage your stucco wall

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