Benefits Of Our Historic Restoration Services

Have you ever toured a historical landmark or building? Many remain as beautiful as they do because of historic restoration services. Consider the United States Capital Dome or the Statue of Liberty as examples. These pieces are famous, well-known landmarks in America that have required restoration services at some point. All require a similar effort in maintenance. Here are five common benefits that usually come with historic restoration projects.

Aesthetics Preserved

Beautiful landmarks and historically recognized buildings can quickly become dilapidated and unrecognizable. With proper care, restoration services will preserve the aesthetics. Historical homes could be completely altered or destroyed to create a contemporary look. Historic restoration services work to preserve the overall aesthetics. People who love their towns can rest assured that the historical element can remain the same without compromising safety.

Prevent Building Code Violations

While historical buildings can create a certain aesthetic, they are not always up to code. No matter what a building is used for, there is a need to meet a code. Meeting code is not only the law, but it is also for the safety of people.

Consider the importance of these code violations that are common in historical buildings:

  1. Hazardous windows
  2. Missing handrails
  3. Wide gaps between balusters
  4. No bathroom ventilation
  5. Non-grounded outlets

Extend the Shelf Life

Whether a historical landmark is several hundred years old or slightly more recent, it is essential for history to be remembered correctly. The landmark or building can have an extended shelf life with proper historic restoration services. It is more than simply purchasing any materials at a hardware store for maintenance. Extending the shelf life of a historical landmark requires utilizing certain materials to maintain the historical aspect of the landmark.

Historic Restoration Services Help Maintain Culture

Imagine strolling through the downtown of a historical city when you come upon a modern building that sticks out like a sore thumb. Oversized windows and sleek lines may be appropriate for some areas, but that can quickly destroy an area’s culture. By utilizing historic restoration services, you can be sure to keep that culture intact.

Generate More Tourism

People love to visit historical sites. History buffs and travelers, in general, visit historical sites across the globe. From the Colosseum in Rome to the Forbidden City in Beijing, or the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. to the Taj Mahal in India – tourists flock to these locations. Well-maintained historical sites become a tourist’s dream!

Professional Historic Restoration Services

ESI Waterproofing & Masonry offers professional Historic Restoration services across the state of Massachusetts. Know a historic building or landmark that could see better days? Just let our team know and we can get right on it!

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