Benefits Of Roof Flashing

Flashing is a method used in roofing when a roof comes in contact with a vertical surface. It’s done to protect certain parts of a roof from damage that can occur from weathering, rain and exposure to harsh conditions. The main materials used in flashing is a prefinished aluminium, pre-finished steel or the most expensive, copper. Depending on how the roof is originally constructed and what it’ll come in contact with, these materials can be used for either step flashing, apron flashing or counter flashing. Roof flashing isn’t only protective, it is aesthetically appealing and it ensures the longevity of your roof. Roof Flashing is along the lines of waterproofing, but different. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you decide to flash a commercial roof.

Flashing Protects Roof

The first and most important function of flashing is protection. The materials used for flashing are durable and are important for preventing roof leaks. If you have parts of your roof bent at an angle or something protruding out from it like a chimney then this method can act as an extra layer of protection.

Manageable Annual Maintenance

Over time, materials used in flashing can become damaged due to direct exposure to the sun’s rays. Roof flashing should be checked and maintained once a year. It’s advisable to get a professional to do this for you. You can also check the flashing on your roof each time you clean the rain gutters. If you notice loose screws, holes or leaking seals at the edge of the flashing this might be a sign you need a repair.

Helps Maintain The Structure Of A Roof

Roofs are built to prevent rain and snow from collecting over time. What flashing does is it adds an extra protective layer to your roof and prevents it from leaking. Flashing is placed wherever the shingles of your roof come in contact with the surface of the house. It prevents rainwater from being absorbed into the surface of your wall and leaking into your home. It increases the lifespan of your roof and keeps it intact.

Makes The Roof Aesthetically Appealing

That extra layer of protection usually comes in different metallic colors. There are different methods of flashing and this comes out nicely in different patterns on the roof shingles they come in contact with, giving it a touch of uniqueness.

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