Benefits of Summer Waterproofing

Thinking of waterproofing a commercial property? Why not do it this summer? Waterproofing your commercial property involves protecting it from water damage both on the interior and exterior with waterproof barriers that will help to prevent water penetration and moisture accumulation. Here are the benefits of waterproofing a commercial property in the summertime. 

Waterproofing Jobs in the Summer are Completed Faster

Summer has great weather for working compared to winter which has inclement weather conditions that can impede the progress of a waterproofing project. It’s much easier to work with waterproofing material because the heat removes residual moisture from walls, basements, and foundations. This allows the protective material to dry faster. 

Ensures You are Set For Fall & Winter

It’s best to waterproof a commercial property during the summer so that it can be ready for the cold months. Why wait until you need it the most to scramble to get it done? When the weather is ideal, get the job done. During the summer, you can more easily identify any issues that you may have with leaks, mold, or a weakened foundation and address them. If you wait until fall/winter ushers in, it might be too late to properly waterproof a property to ensure full protection from water and moisture. 

Better Defense Against Rain Storms 

Rainstorms bring a lot of water that can send water rushing towards the foundation of a property. Prolonged rainfall especially, can cause severe leaks, saturated foundations, and even flood the lower level of buildings. Groundwater can accumulate in the soil and cause the water table to rise closer to the surface. Water intrusion damage from a rainstorm could prove costly.  Keep in mind that rainstorms can still occur in the summer. 

Gives You a Peace of mind 

If you use or own a commercial building where it rains frequently and heavily, you may be concerned about the moisture accumulation, leaks, and flood potential.  Waterproofing your property can give you the peace of mind that you desire, knowing that you’ll keep your foundation in ideal condition. You don’t need to have water damage and flooding on your mind when you take the necessary precaution and waterproof a property you are invested in

Waterproofing Can Help You Cut the Cost of Bills 

Are you currently dealing with exorbitant energy costs? Cracks in your basement and foundation allow cool and warm air to escape, which negatively impacts your heating and cooling costs. The result is often a spike in energy use causing you to spend more each month. Waterproof your property this summer by focusing on protecting your area and foundation from costly leaks.

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