Best Western Hotel Tria in Cambridge, MA

Hotel Tria is located on Alewife Parkway in Cambridge, MA. The scope of work included removing and replacing the existing glazing with DOW 790 silicone sealant on the rear elevation windows & remove and replace the existing window perimeter and expansion joint sealants with DOW 795. ESI was required to focus on identifying and solving water intrusion issues through the fenestrations and masonry fa├žade. To this end, we cut and pointed deteriorated masonry mortar joints, replaced missing brick masonry units, and applied a water repellent to the West, South, and North elevations.


The scope of work included:

  • – Removing and replacing all window perimeter sealants with DOW Corning 795 silicon sealant
  • – Replacing all deteriorated window wet seals and seal all metal to metal window frame joints using DOW corning 790 silicon sealant
  • – Replace all spalled and cracked masonry units with closely matched units
  • – Clean all masonry surfaces and apply a water repellent to all prepared surfaces
  • – We extended a five year warranty for the proper performance and installation of repaired materials


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