Brick Restoration

It takes a lot to break a brick structure.  Heavy storms, earth quakes, aggressive tree roots or broken water lines can all cause damage to brick structures.  Over time, the mortar in between bricks can deteriorate due to weather and the elements.  No matter what the cause of the damage is, ESI Waterprooging & Masonry Restoration has the experience and ability to restore any building to their original beauty.

Brick restoration is a job that takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be done correctly.  No one should ever be able to tell that a brick structure has been repaired.  If not done correctly, you will have visible scars across the outside of your beautiful brick home.

ESI offers brick repair, brick replacement, new brick installation, brick pinning, historical brick restoration, masonry cleaning and graffiti removal.  Contact us today at (617) 265-7222 for an estimate.

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