Castle Cove Co-Op in South Boston, MA

Date of completion: (March 2014)

Castle Cove Co-Op is built upon the historic former Boston Beer Factory in South Boston. This senior citizen apartment complex is 5 stories tall, housing 65 apartments. Sealant repairs included the removal of all sealants on all elevations, fenestrations, expansion joints, EIFS to brick masonry, brick masonry to precast concrete, joints in the EIFS cornice, and all penetrations of the exterior walls. The exterior envelope repairs focused on the replacement of sealants and EIFS around the building structure. The installation of backer rod, primer, and sealant at all terminations and penetrations include windows and doors, expansion joints, roof edge flashing, electrical boxes, exterior lighting fixtures, pipe penetrations, signs, dryer vents, and any other areas where water may penetrate.

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