Common Indicators Concrete Restoration Is Needed

When you think of concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a hard, durable surface. While concrete can withstand quite a lot over the years, wear and tear is only natural. Damaged concrete can be a problem for the safety of those in the vicinity and bring down an area’s appearance. This blog will highlight common signs to look for in regard to concrete restoration.

How does Concrete Damage Happen?

Concrete damage can occur from a variety of factors. One of the most common reasons concrete will deteriorate is if experiences corrosion. When corrosion occurs within a concrete surface, the aftermath can leave the concrete broken down or cracked. Over time, hot weather will also have an effect on a concrete surface. In a state like Massachusetts, there are many hot summer days. This means that after a handful of years, it should come as no surprise if concrete starts to break down. Finally, it cannot be discounted that concrete damage occurred due to poor installation. If a concrete installation project was rushed or done inadequately, the truth will come out before long.

Indicator #1: Numerous Cracks

The first indication when it comes to concrete repair is an easy one. The appearance of numerous cracks highlights flaws with the foundation of the concrete. Cracks in concrete may not seem like a large issue at first, but can exacerbate quickly when left untreated.

Indicator #2 Uneven Concrete Surface

Uneven concrete surfaces are not ideal. Not in the least bit. Uneven concrete poses as a significant safety risk because it is bound to trip countless people over. Uneven concrete surfaces also stick out like a sore thumb and will hinder the value and aesthetics of a property.

Indicator #3 Overall Age

Concrete can last for decades, but if you know certain concrete areas are over thirty years of age, it may be best to have concrete restoration done.

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