Early Stone Mason

Earliest known Stone Masons

Stone masonry is a craft with ancient origins leading as far backs as 9,000 BC. The early humans used simple hand tools to shape and mold stones to their liking. Housing was constructed from the stones at times. The more common reason to mold a stone was for the purpose of hunting. The earlier humans usually made spears to aid them to take down their prey.

Ancient Egypt

Let’s fast forward to Egypt and The Great Pyramids of Giza at its highest height stood 147 meters tall. These tombs were constructed in 2550 BC. The stone masonry technical skills were tested when it came to making each stone. At one point each stone was covered in limestone, the limestone was later stripped to make other buildings. Each stone weighed approximately two tons and it seemed a miracle to create and transport with the tools present at the time. To9day Archaeologist has been able to preserve this great monument to keep it in good shape for years to come.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China roughly took over 2000 years to complete. Originally made to keep out invaders, the great wall has seen a multitude of stonemasons through its time. It has been a great historic monument that consists of 3,873,000,000 bricks. Every brick crafted to support one another but it’s slowly starting to deteriorate. Today about 80% of the wall lies in ruins and it’s because of the neglect of maintaining the structure.

Todays Masons

Masons for the past few decades has erected beautiful buildings and other projects. One thing that has been made sure of other than making the project safe to the public. Is the restoration and repair of anything made with stone. Stone is a strong material but will wear away in a due amount of time. So hire professionals like ESI to cover your back on any stone masonry repair.

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