Everett Villa Co-op in Everett, MA

Everett Villa Co-op is a senior apartment community located in Everett, MA. The exterior envelope is comprised of EIFS (Exterior Insulations Finishing System) and masonry walls. Although the masonry is in good condition, the EIFS required some attention to preserving the finish. Over time, the finishing system will lose its ability to repel water. The perimeter sealants on the existing windows, doors, a/c units and louvers required replacement.

The scope of work included:

  • – Removing all deteriorated surfaces of EIFS. Clean all sounds of EIFS surfaces designed to stay in place.
  • – Install new insulation, synthetic stucco based coat, and synthetic stucco top coat to all repaired areas.
  • – Clean all EIFS surfaces and apply a breathable, elastomeric, waterproof coating to all stucco surfaces. The color of the new coating was pigmented to match the existing coating.
  • – Replace all windows, doors, a/c units and louver perimeter sealants with DOW Corning 795 silicon sealant.
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