How Does Masonry Damage Usually Happen?

Masonry serves as the foundation of countless building structures across New England. As well it should, it comes with many advantages. For generations, Masonry work has helped create a shelter for thousands of people through its durability and stability. Despite masonry’s great strength and longevity, however, there will come a time where masonry walls begin to decay and show signs of damage. Let us delve into how these masonry issues crop out and what to do about them.

Exposure to Moisture

Masonry and moisture do not go well together. Moisture is probably the most common downfall to masonry falling apart. When masonry walls absorb too much water or moisture, it weakens the structure. Sometimes moisture levels are beyond your control but one thing you can look out for is water leaks. If you can stop or prevent water from leaking into your brick walls, it is best that you do so as soon as possible.

Untreated Cracks

Cracks are not uncommon with masonry. Cracking elements are bound to happen with masonry due to age, moisture, etc. but the problem does not end there. It is important to treat cracks along a masonry wall to ensure the situation does not get worse.

Spalling Bricks

We have all seen spalling bricks before. Whether on our own property, or another building, spalling bricks are not uncommon. Spalling bricks offer to bricks that are uneven and not properly aligned. One common cause of spalling bricks is the bricks being pushed out due to mortar decay. Mortar decay can be caused by water damage on your property. Stress being applied to the structure of a building can also translate into spalling bricks. Not only are spalling bricks unpleasant to look at, they can also pose as a safety hazard. Do not push off spalling bricks repair.

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