Masonry Repair & Restoration in Brighton, MA

ESI Waterproofing & Masonry Restoration is proud to offer Brighton, MA our masonry, brick repair, brick restoration, and concrete waterproofing services.  Brighton, MA is a unique neighborhood of Boston that has a rich history.  Now housing roughly 40,000 residents, it used to be a part of Cambridge but grew into its own neighborhood.  It is known for its brick buildings lining Brighton Avenue with many different restaurants, small businesses, and apartment buildings. Brighton is also known for its proximity to colleges such as Boston University and Boston College. When you are in Brighton, you are bound to see many college students and millennials.

Brick Restoration in Brighton

There are countless Brick Buildings in the Brighton, MA area. Bricks are built to last many years, but your Brighton property was probably built generations ago. If your Brighton property was built before you were born it is probably time to look into a Brick Restoration project. Brick Restoration comes in many forms and your building most likely checks off one of the boxes: repointing, mortar decay, broken bricks, dislodged bricks, etc.

Waterproofing & Deck Coating in Brighton

When it comes to your valuable property, it is better to be safe than sorry. Waterproofing and deck coating provides an extra layer of protection. The harsh weather conditions in New England can cause a fair share of wear and tear on buildings and structures, and Brighton is no exception. ESI provides waterproofing and deck coating surfaces in Brighton to protect your assets. We also do deck coating, as parking garages and lots experience quite a bit of damage, especially in the winter. ESI has worked on many masonry projects all over the Boston area.  You can check out our blog to see some of the examples of work we have done!

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At ESI, we love helping out our communities. No job is too big or too small. We understand the unpredictable New England climate can affect buildings. For more information on our services or if you would like our services, please contact us at (617) 265-7222. If you need directions to our offices from Brighton, MA, see the map below!

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