Masonry Contractor in Manchester NH 

Manchester is a large city in southern New Hampshire, home to more than 112,500 residents. It is the most populous city in northern New England.  In 2009, Manchester was ranked 1st on the list of “America’s 100 Cheapest Places To Live” by Forbes Magazine and the 13th best city to live and launch a business by There are several colleges and universities in the area, in addition to several hospitals, banks, and businesses that make up the majority of the economy. Many of these large commercial buildings will require repairs, due to weather and other natural factors. ESI Waterproofing & Masonry Restoration is glad to provide our repair services in Manchester. Located about an hour north of our location in Dorchester, we’ve provided many clients with quality masonry services in Manchester NH. 

Masonry Repair Services in Manchester NH 

Although brick and concrete are some of the most durable materials you can build with, it’s still inevitable that over time, they will experience wear and tear. The harsh weather conditions in New England can certainly take a toll on the exterior of your building. We provide a full range of masonry repair services and historic restoration services. We have extensive experience and the required materials to provide quality craftsmanship. The masonry services we offer include, but are not limited to: 

  • Brick replacement
  • Brick repointing & tuckpointing 
  • Brick pinning & stabilization
  • Exterior Insulation & Finishing System (EIFS)
  • Micro-abrasive cleaning
  • Stone molding & stone casting
  • Graffiti removal  

Taking care of any masonry repairs promptly can save you from dealing with structural damage down the road. If you notice wall and ceiling cracks, uneven floors, or warped ceilings, this could all be signs of structural damage and you’ll want to contact us immediately.

Waterproofing Services in Manchester NH 

Protecting your building from rain, snow, and other types of water damage are essential. Leaks in your chimney and roof, cracks in the foundation, and other factors can all lead to water damage. If it’s not addressed immediately, it could cause further damage to your building’s structure. We offer quality waterproofing services including flashing repair, stucco repair, deck coating, and beyond. 

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