Masonry Repairs at The Anchorage Apartments in Charlestown, MA

The Anchorage Apartments is a historic building located in the Charlestown Naval Yard, Charlestown, MA. The Anchorage is situated on the waterfront and is exposed to the harsh New England coastal weather. Over time, the salt water erodes the masonry mortar joints and as the seasons change, the thermal expansion and contraction of water within the old joints could cause spalls and cracks. ESI took the time to restore the natural splendor of this historic naval building. The concentration of work included:

  • Cut and point all masonry mortar joints.
  • Apply a clear waterproof sealer on all masonry.
  • Caulk and seal all windows to maintain a water tight seal in order to eliminate water infiltration and moisture damage.
  • Rebuild ten masonry columns to match the existing brick
  • Patch limestone headers and sills.
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