Micro Abrasive Cleaning

ESI is certified and chooses to maintain the highest standard of operations in micro-abrasive cleaning. In today’s industry, chemical cleaning agents are becoming more subject to greater restrictions due to the harmful effects the cleaning chemicals cause to the environment. When cleaning a historic building or monument we are not trying to use chemicals that will damage the stone. We are not looking to erase the historic characteristics of the substrate. To ensure satisfaction we became certified users in micro-abrasive cleaning. We are able to remove pollutants from the substrate allowing the surface to breathe naturally and preventing deterioration or buildup of unsightly stains that damage historic pieces. Now we can gently remove pollutants, corrosion, paints or coatings from a wide range of stone, tile, and brick without damaging the substrate surface and without questioning restrictions due to harmful chemicals.    

Micro Glass Power

  • Contains no free silica
  • Is not considered a carcinogen
  • Is clean crushed glass
  • Is non- toxic
  • Is odorless 
  • Cleans brighter 

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