Should I Get A Masonry Inspection Now?

Masonry is still as popular as ever when it comes to the structure of a building. Despite its strength, masonry is not beyond eventually developing some flaws. Proper Masonry inspections and maintenance can ensure a building’s masonry has an extended shelf-life.  Here is a breakdown that will help you decide if your building is best suited for a masonry inspection in the present moment.

Consider The Last Time The Mason Was Inspected

It is recommended by many professionals in the masonry field that a building’s masonry is checked at least once a season. So if a building’s masonry was last inspected a few months ago, or last year, it is time to have it looked at sometime soon.

There is A Severe Crack Or Cracks

This is probably the most obvious sign a building should be looked at right away. A crack in a masonry structure signals a problem at hand and ignoring the issue will just make the crack worse in short order.

Moveable Bricks

If there are bricks on a building that are suddenly moveable, the masonry should be inspected. The sooner the situation is addressed, the higher the chances a catastrophe is avoided.

Mortar Deterioration

Mortar deterioration is not hard to spot and also signals masonry that is decaying. When a brick’s mortar looks decayed or disoriented to you, the situation should be addressed as soon as possible.

Displaced Bricks

Last but certainly not least, displaced bricks should be not be ignored either. You have probably seen a brick sticking out of a building in the past. This means that there is a structure issue with the masonry and a repair is probably needed.

Professional Masonry Services in Boston, MA: ESI Waterproofing & Masonry

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