St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church


ESI restoration project scope consisting of:

  • -Installation of new through-wall flashing at the base of the Bell Tower
  • -Installation of new Bell Tower window flashings followed by restoration of the surrounding brick and arches and windows
  • -Extend the existing roof membrane
  • -Install new copper and self-adhered through wall flashing
  • -Seal top of new flashing with termination bar and Liquid Membrane
  • -Re-install brick masonry

The intent of the work was to eliminate water intrusion through the windows and brick masonry walls.  ESI performed several items of repairs on the church, including removing brick and installing copper through-wall flashing around the roof perimeter of the sanctuary wall and bell tower. In-addition, ESI removed and replaced sealants around the windows and doors in the bell tower and the sanctuary.

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