Stone Molding & Stone Casting


Stone molding/stone casting is used for projects that require the replication of intricate stones with a distinct design and profile. Manufacturing a cast mold is an arduous task in which we use the existing stone we want to replicate and place it in a watertight molding box. We then pour silicone or polyurethane into the mold, completely submerging the stone. Once the liquid has cured to a solid state, we remove the stone from the solidified pour and we are left with a cast of the exact stone we need to replicate. After the casting process is complete, we then pour a concrete mix into the cast.  This may include a color additive that correlates to the color of the stone we are duplicating. After the concrete stone has cured, we remove the stone from the cast.   and we are left with a finished stone that mimics the existing profile and color of the original stone.

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