What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing involves using two or more different colors of mortar to fill in the joints of brickwork. The process starts with removing the damaged brick. One of the colors is to match the actual brick and restore the neat look to the bricks. Think of it as repainting a cracked wall, a clear coat is applied and evenly distributed. The other component is used to restore the appearance of the mortar joints. By stacking the alternate colors between the brick this technique creates a look that successfully restores the brickwork.shutterstock_956003

  • Signs your need tuckpointing
  • The mortar erosion are larger than 5mm
  • The mortar is falling apart
  • Hairline cracks are crossing each other
  • Large gaps of missing bricks or mortar
  • brickwork is older than 20 years¬† ¬†

Tuckpointing Brick

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