Waterproofing Your Masonry or Brick Before Winter

water-beads-on-red-brick2-300x196Winter is coming! As the weather gets colder in Boston, we want to remind building owners and home owners to take the proper steps in waterproofing your masonry or brick buildings, especially chimneys, before winter hits. When water freezes it expands, which can cause damage and cracking to your masonry if not properly sealed. Masonry constructions materials like brick, concrete and mortar will deteriorate quickly when going through the freeze/thaw process. Even your roof flashing can rust and deteriorate with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Preventing Water Penetration

There are a number of ways you can prevent water penetration. For your chimney, you can invest in a chimney cap or rain cover. This is an inexpensive way home owners can protect the masonry around their chimney. Other things to consider are repairing or replacing damaged chimney crown, repairing deteriorated mortar joints, repair or replace roof flashing and using waterproofing agents on masonry. These formulas are 100% vapor permeable, which means that they allow the chimney to breathe. Water that has penetrated and the vapors produced when the chimney dries out or the water vapors produced during use are allowed to escape, while the waterproofing agent prevents water from entering from the outside.


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