What are the Benefits of having a Stucco Home?

When you walk around your neighborhood or drive around your town, does a house ever stand out to you but you do not know exactly why? There is a very good chance it is the stucco! Homes with stucco work done on the exterior stand out and look aesthetically pleasing. If you are not familiar with stucco, stucco is essentially a combination of cement, sand, and water. Stucco can come in many different colors and will immediately spice up the optics of any home. Here are the best benefits of having stucco work done on your house.


The biggest reason stucco construction has been around forever: durability. Stucco is designed to be strong and durable. By having those characteristics, stucco holds up well to fire and water damage. Stucco is easily waterproof and can withstand the harsh New England weather.


Another perk of stucco on your property is the little to no maintenance it requires. Like most things, stucco will need a repair eventually but that is not something you have to worry about because Stucco lasts about 50 years! Stucco is not high maintenance like other exterior elements. Stucco does not need to be regularly cleaned, reinstalled, or repainted. Once stucco work is completed, it will take care of itself!


Properly done Stucco work will catch everyone’s eye. Having stucco done on your property will leave a lasting impression on those who enter and see your home. A stucco exterior is sustainable, retains color, and has a great overall texture. What are you waiting for?

Professional Stucco Repair in the Boston Area: ESI Waterproofing

Stucco repair can be a tricky and uneasy process which is why it is a job for skilled and experienced contractors. It is always a good idea to count on professionals and our professionals can get the stucco repair job done for you. Our team knows how to prevent further damage to the exterior of your home and will always pay close attention to detail. ESI Waterproofing and Masonry Restoration is proud to offer our professional stucco repair service in Dorchester, Boston, the Greater Boston area, and beyond. Contact us today if you believe it is time for a stucco repair!

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