What are the Methods for Concrete Crack Repairs?

Over time, it’s quite common that the concrete of your building can begin to crack for several reasons. It could be an issue with the permeability of the concrete, making it more susceptible to deterioration. Cracks can also occur because of poor maintenance, improper structural design, thermal movement due to temperature changes, and beyond. No matter what the cause, taking care of these cracks is crucial before they cause further damage. A professional masonry contractor should always be enlisted for this type of work, to ensure the repairs are done correctly. 

Here are some of the most common methods we use to repair cracked concrete.

Common Methods of Concrete Crack Repair

  1. Epoxy Injection: For cracks in concrete floors, foundations, walls, or other masonry, epoxy injection is a suitable method. We begin by cleaning the area around the crack removing any loose material that may act as a bond breaker, then using a high-strength epoxy we inject the crack to form a strong structural seal. Once dry, we finish by sanding down the epoxy for a natural look. 
  2. Routing and Sealing of Cracks: The ‘routing’ of a crack refers to the intentional widening of it so that it has a smoother line and deeper base with which to seal it. Typically, the cracks are filled with a silicone sealant.  This repair allows the concrete slab to thermally expand and contract while maintaining a watertight seal. 
  3. Concrete Crack Repair by Stitching: Stitching refers to the way this repair looks at the end—like a seam that’s been sewn with very wide stitches. We begin by drilling deep holes on either side of the fissure, then installing u-shaped metal brackets (much like very intense staples!) across the crack to hold both sides together.
  4. Grouting Method: For wide cracks that need to be sealed water-tight, the best bet is grout. As a mixture of water and cement, it’ll certainly seal over any crack with a simple wipe clean and application of grout. 

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