What Are The Tell-Tale Signs My Building Needs Masonry Work?

Residential or commercial properties built with a brick or stone wall material on the exterior need a masonry repair after a certain amount of time. Brick and stone walls are as strong and durable as they come but after a handful of years, will show deterioration. It is important to have masonry repair done when the time comes. Here are the common signs to look for that indicates your masonry needs to be redone.

Severe Cracks

Many buildings in your town and city probably have cracks on them. When it comes to cracks on a building wall, what matters is the severity. Always use your judgment and common sense when you first spot a crack on your property’s wall. Severe cracks should be obvious to identify and it is unsafe to ignore. Once you notice a sizable crack on your exterior wall, contact a masonry restoration professional. The sooner you address the problem, the more inexpensive it will be. Being proactive will also minimize the potential damages too.

Bulging Bricks

Bulging bricks are a common masonry problem. Bulging bricks are usually pushed outwards by water damage in te interior of the wall. Fortunately, bulging bricks are not difficult to replace or fix for most masonry professionals. When you notice the alignment of your brick structure does not look right, contact a masonry professional and they will address the affected area.

Deteriorated Mortar

Mortar is what holds a brick wall together and essentially serves like a superglue. Mortar can hold bricks sturdy and together for many years, but like most things, it will begin to disintegrate and deteriorate at some point. When a brick mortar has reached a deterioration stage, it should be addressed as soon as possible. A loose brick or stone wall piece is not ideal and can be a dangerous situation.

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