What Causes Bricks to Crack?

If you’re looking at a brick wall in your home or business and start to notice cracks, it may cause a sense of worry. Brick cracking is quite normal and even can be expected in almost all brick walls and buildings. Read on to learn the main reasons that brick cracks, and what to do if it happens!


Settling is very normal and will happen with your home eventually. As time goes by, your house will naturally settle, which can cause bricks to crack slightly. Cracks caused by settling are normal and should be expected. As long as your house is settling evenly, there shouldn’t be a foundational concern. If you notice the cracks are significant and your home is settling unevenly, reach out to a professional to gauge the severity of the issue. 

Mortar Deterioration

Another cause of cracks is mortar deterioration. Over time, the mortar in between your bricks may naturally deteriorate for a variety of reasons – water, sun, external impacts, etc. As the mortar crumbles, it can cause the bricks to move, as they will slightly shift without enough mortar. This causes cracks in the bricks. 

Water Retention

As bricks are naturally porous, they will retain some water. Rain water, sprinkler water, or even extremely humid environments can all be a source of water that your bricks can retain. Typically, the sun will evaporate the retained water, so your bricks will not crack from regular water retention. But, if there is an excess of water and not enough sun, for example a very rainy month with little sunlight, bricks can retain too much water, causing them to expand past their original pattern and crack.

Neighborhood Construction

If there is construction work near your home, this may be a cause of cracks in your brickwork, especially if there has been a lot of work over a longer period of time. Excavating, digging, and the use of heavy machines are all variables that can affect your brick walls. The vibrations that come with these can cause slight movements, leading to small cracks in your bricks. 

Contact us for Brick Restoration 

There are more reasons that bricks can crack, but these are some of the most common. It’s a good idea to be aware of the causes of brick cracking, so you can keep an eye on your brick property. If you’ve noticed cracks in your brick, whether big or small, we can help! ESI Waterproofing & Masonry Restoration specializes in brick restoration and masonry repairs, both for cosmetic and non-cosmetic purposes. Reach out today to learn more! 

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