What Should I Do About Cracks On Basement wall?

As homeowners, we all value our homes and have a lot invested in them. Cracks on basement walls are common but it is not unusual to be alarmed when you notice them. It is a normal and perfect reaction because it is something that does not look right. Cracks happen for a variety of reasons but the question every homeowner wants to know when they see a crack is “What should I do about it”?. When you notice a crack or cracks on your basement walls, do not panic and assess the situation.

Why do Wall Cracks Happen?

Wall cracks happen for a few reasons and sometimes it is perfectly normal. Mother nature plays a large part in why walls crack. Inclement weather can cause your wall to crack if you do not have the proper waterproofing in place. Also, the ground underneath the infrastructure of your home will move all so slightly every year and over time, it inputs stress on your basement wall. Eventually, the wall elements will give in and that will lead to crack marks. The last possible reason wall cracks happen is the age of your home. When something is around for a long time, it is due to show some age.

Different types of Cracks to look out for

  • Horizontal Cracks
  • Diagonal Cracks
  • Vertical Cracks

Should I be concerned with a Wall Crack?

It depends on the severity of the wall crack. Wall cracks can be classified into three categories: minor, medium, and major. When you notice a wall crack, measure it with a ruler or measuring tape. A minor crack is deemed any measurement 1/8 of an inch or smaller. Minor cracks can usually be handled and sealed up without any professional help. A medium crack is a wall crack larger than 1/8 inches but smaller than 3/4 inches. A medium crack should not be ignored and treated as soon as possible. Major cracks are wall cracks larger than 3/4 inches. When you realize you have a major wall crack, seek professional assistance immediately.

Professional Waterproofing and Masonry Services in MA: ESI Waterproofing and Masonry

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