Why Roof Flashing Is So Important

Flashing a roof is extremely important to help prevent water damage and leaks in a building. It refers to the process of installing waterproof materials in valleys, joints, edges, roof penetrations, and any other gaps. This is a necessary construction process, and it applies to commercial, industrial, and residential roofs. While it is fairly affordable to add, repair or replace flashing materials now, in the past, it was a much more difficult and expensive process.

If your roof has started leaking in one particular place, but it is still under the warranty period, you may need to add, repair, or replace flashing. There are multiple materials to choose from depending on the aesthetic you want, the durability you desire, and your budget. 


Copper is one of the most common types of flashing because of its strength, appearance, malleability, and ability to resist the elements. It is easy to install in even the most complicated valleys. If your home or business has a very unique shape, copper may be one of the best choices for flashing. 


Lead is another common type of flashing, primarily due to its durability. It can last up to 500 years! In large quantities, lead does pose an environmental risk, but when used for weatherproofing small areas, it is a viable option to consider.


Aluminum is one of the least expensive flashing options. It is also quite malleable, though not as durable as copper or lead. If you are looking for a cost-conscious option, it might be aluminum. 

Other Options 

Zinc alloy, stainless steel, and galvanized steel are also used for flashing. Another option, besides metal, are softer materials like rubbers. Roof penetrations, like a plumbing vent or air duct, are commonly wrapped in stainless-steel or rubber products, regardless of what other type of flashing is used for the roof. 

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Choosing the right material for your roof can seem like an overwhelming choice. The best option will depend on several factors, including your climate, what your roof is made of, the aesthetic you want to achieve, and your budget. We can help you evaluate your needs and help with any masonry repairs you may need, including flashing repairs, brick restorations, and beyond! Contact ESI Waterproofing & Masonry to request a custom quote today. 

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