Why Waterproofing is Essential for Commercial Buildings

You’ve invested a lot in your company – time, energy, resources. If there was a way to protect your infrastructure, save money, and add property value to your building without breaking the budget, wouldn’t you do it?

Waterproofing a building isn’t the first thing many people think about when they think about maximizing value. However, it’s an excellent and essential way to save money and protect your company. In this article, we’ll provide just a few of the many reasons why waterproofing is necessary for commercial buildings.

Prevents Mold and Rust

One of the most significant benefits of waterproofing is preventing water damage. During the year, water seeps into your building in all sorts of ways, like leaky windows, leaks in the roof, and cracks in the walls. This water leads to the development of rust on steel and mold on wood, carpet, and insulation.

Rusting can lead to a weakened building structure and significant damage. Rusted beams can mean serious cost and, at worst, unsafe conditions. Mold can also decrease the safety of your building by breaking down wooden structures, and can also cause serious health issues down the line. Waterproofing prevents water damage from many sources and protects employees while saving the cost of structural damage.

Prevents Cracking

Another way that waterproofing protects building integrity is by helping to seal cracks in concrete. As a building gets older, cracks form in concrete walls and foundations. When the weather changes, so do these cracks – cold weather causes the material to shrink and pull away, widening the cracks. Cities fill the cracks in concrete roads for just this reason, so it makes sense to fill the cracks in a commercial building, too.

Waterproofing can help fill concrete cracks and stop them in their tracks. This prevents further damage and the cost of a crumbling wall or foundation damage.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Preventing damage is important, but waterproofing can do much more than just that. Waterproofing can help reduce temperature shifts by preventing the flow of moisture in and out of the building. This means that heating and cooling is more stable, more effective – and less expensive. In addition to the money saved on damages, waterproofing saves money each year by cutting down heating and cooling expenses.

Wrapping Up

Waterproofing is essential to keeping commercial buildings safe, and ESI Waterproofing & Masonry Restoration, Inc. can help keep you protected. Want to request a free custom quote? Fill out an online form or give us a call today at (617) 265-7222 to get started. 

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