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Project Information

The building at 65 Harrison Avenue is an eleven-story high-rise constructed in 1911. It is the cornerstone of Harrison Avenue in China Town. The building is built of limestone masonry façade on the first and second floors, supporting a buff-colored brick masonry façade on the upper floors.

Panels of brick masonry with terracotta header and sill details separate the windows on each floor. The north and east elevations displayed severe deterioration. ESI worked with partnering structural engineers to restore this building to sound and safe conditions.

The scope of work included cutting and pointing 100% of the masonry mortar joints, removing and replacing window perimeter sealants, replicating the ornate stone headers, sills, and water tables, and sealing joints between dissimilar materials throughout the facade.

The terracotta header and sill stones were severely cracked and spalled in many locations due to the structural I beams’ expansion and contraction within the facade’s inner wythes. To restore the terracotta stones to their original profile, ESI used a cast molding technique to reproduce and replicate the exact stones to match the building’s originality.

This movement also caused numerous cracks throughout the brick. ESI toothed out and replaced the cracked brick masonry units. ESI brought the building’s visual integrity back to life while keeping a safe work environment for the City.